Auto Maintenance Tips to Increase MPGs

Auto Maintenance Tips to Increase MPGsKeeping your car running in a like-new condition in part means ensuring you're getting the best possible fuel efficiency. Understandably, as the miles add up on the odometer your car will begin to experience performance issues, such as a drop in MPGs. To get your mileage back up to its former self some general auto maintenance will need to be done, but some services have a bigger effect on MPGs than others. Here's a quick list of tips to restore your car's MPGs.

New Spark Plugs

The spark plugs are what ignite the air and fuel mix used by your car's engine to run. If the spark plugs begin to corrode or otherwise wear they may begin to misfire, which means they'll spark at the wrong time or not spark at all. This is a huge waste of fuel and causes your car to idle poorly and can even cause stalling or no start issues.

New Air Filter

A dirty air filter can prevent your car from getting the proper amount of air needed into the combustion chamber. This in turn causes the car to have to burn additional gasoline in order to make up for the difference, an issue called running rich.

Replace Fuel Filter

You'd think a dirty fuel filter would save you gas, but unfortunately that isn't the case. If the filter is clogged it could eventually allow contaminants into the engine, which result in driveability problems, including decreased fuel efficiency.

Check Tire Pressure

Be sure your car's tires are properly inflated to maximize fuel efficiency. The engine has to work harder to make underinflated tires spin due to the soft rubber. You can see what PSI rating your tires should be at by checking the tire sidewall and you can fill tires at most service stations.

Oil Change

If your vehicle is due or past due for an oil change and you're experiencing decreased fuel efficiency it is likely the oil change will help to resolve the issue. Fresh oil ensures the engine does not have to work extra hard by providing much needed lubrication. Old oil turns to sludge, which is hard on the engine, but the oil change process removes this gunk!

If you've experienced a drop in fuel efficiency head to your local auto maintenance shop for proper diagnostics and service. If it is time for MPG restoring auto maintenance in Clawson or the surrounding Michigan communities reach out to Multistate Transmissions. OUr full service auto repair shop is staffed by expert techs who will help ensure your car continues to run like new for years. Give us a call at (248) 712-1215 to schedule expert auto maintenance in Clawson today.

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