Common Signs of General Car Trouble

Common Signs of General Car TroubleModern automobiles are quite complex machines that utilize computers do to everything from start to park. However, even with all their computing power, sometimes you still need to use your human senses to identify car problems. While some issues will be communicated by the car more clearly than others, there's a few telltale symptoms of trouble that you're likely to encounter if a problem is occurring with your car.

Strange Sounds

Odd noises are one of the most common signs of car trouble. Some of the more usual problems that can be diagnosed by sound include low brake pads, which will cause a grinding or squealing noise when the brakes are applied, or bad engine bearings, which results in a knocking noise under the hood.

Odd Smells

Another general sign of car trouble is a weird odor. For example, the smell of dirty laundry in your car is often a sign of mold in the AC or heater vents. If you get a whiff of maple syrup, you may have a coolant leak. The odor of burning paper in a manual transmission vehicle is a common sign that it is time for clutch repair.


Your car uses a number of specialized fluids to operate its various systems. If the car is leaking any of these fluids it is critical to visit the auto shop asap. The most common leaks are transmission fluid leak, differential fluid leak, power steering fluid leak, coolant leak and of course engine oil leak.


Shaking, shimmying and vibrating indicate that something isn't right. A few of the more common vibration related issues include a vibrating gas pedal, which is a sign of an exhaust leak, a shaking steering wheel, indicative of poor wheel alignment, or a vibrating brake pedal, which often means the brake rotors are warped.

Dashboard Indicator Light

Of course, your car does have many sensors that are designed to detect trouble on board before it ever causes driveability issues. If any indicator light illuminates the dashboard, such as the check engine light, ABS light or battery light, be sure to visit a technician for proper diagnostics.

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