5 Ways to Prepare Your Car for Fall

5 Ways to Prepare Your Car for FallWith fall upon us it is time to give your car a little post Summer Love. There are few maintenance tasks that you should do to ensure that your vehicle, no matter what you drive, remind safe and reliable throughout the darker and wetter months. Remember, it's up to you to keep your car in good condition. To do so, here are a few tips to ensure your vehicle is ready for the cooler season.

Tire Inspection

Your car's tires are what connect you to the ground. If the tires appear to be losing their tread, or have cracked rubber, or if you noticed a bubbling sidewalk, it is time to replace the tires. It's important to have good rubber on your vehicle during the fall and winter to ensure maximum traction.

Air Filter Replacement

The summertime tends to be a bit more dustier than the rest of the year. For this reason it is important to check your vehicle's air filter and replace it if necessary. A dirty air filter can reduce fuel efficiency by denying the engine of the proper amount of oxygen it needs to run properly.

Check Your Exterior Lights

Since fall and winter tend to be a bit darker than the rest of the year, thanks to the shorter days, it is important that all of your vehicle's exterior lights are working. Check your headlights, taillights, reverse lights, brake lights and blinkers to ensure you are entirely visible to others on the road.

Oil Change

If you put extra miles on your car this summer be sure that it gets the oil change it needs to prevent excessive friction in the engine. Most cars and trucks need an oil change every 3000 miles to ensure that the engine remains.

Safety Kit

Fall and winter can be difficult seasons to drive in due to the extra precipitation and darker roadways. It is a smart idea to outfit your car with a safety kit, just in case an accident or a breakdown occurs. It should include freshwater, flares, jumper cables, a first aid kit and visible road triangles.

If you need assistance getting your car ready for fall and winter come see the team at Multistate Transmissions. Our full service Clawson auto maintenance shop is staffed by expert techs who service all makes and models. Give our auto maintenance team a call at (248) 712-1215 to schedule an appointment for superior auto repair in Clawson, MI, or the neighboring communities.

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