4 Auto Maintenance Services to Never Skip

4 Auto Maintenance Services to Never SkipIf you would like your car to last for hundreds of thousands of miles it is crucial that you provide it with the routine maintenance it requires. You can find your car's maintenance needs printed inside its service schedule in the owner's manual. Putting off these services is likely to lead to excessive wear and tear of parts, which will then result in a breakdown. Servicing your car before a breakdown costs a lot less than after! Be sure to never skip any auto maintenance, especially the following!

Oil Change

Oil changes are crucial to your engine's operation. Fresh oil provides lubrication to the moving parts and the engine bearings. As the oil inside your car ages it will break down and lose its ability to provide the lubrication necessary to prevent friction between the parts. This will cause excessive wear and tear, leading to a need for major engine repairs.

Timing Belt

The timing belt is what keeps the moving parts inside the engine moving in sync. If your vehicle uses a timing belt it will likely need to be replaced between 70,000 and 105,000 miles. If you fail to replace it before it snaps it could cause all of the moving parts in the engine to clash together, causing major engine failure.

Transmission Service

The transmission usually requires service every 30,000 miles, however some vehicles may not call for maintenance until upwards of 60,000 or more. Be sure to check your owner's manual to see when your car is due. Transmission service generally consists of draining the transmission fluid, replacing the transmission pan gasket and replacing the transmission filter, if applicable, before reassembling and adding fresh transmission fluid. This helps keep your transmission shifting smooth.

Cooling System Flush

The cooling system consists of the radiator, cooling fan, water pump, thermostat and a series of hoses in which coolant runs through. This system is necessary for regulating the operating temperature of the engine, ensuring that it does not get to hot. Cooling system service calls for draining and replacing the coolant in the system, as it can break down over time or collect contaminants, which may hinder it from properly doing its job.

Auto maintenance is necessary to prevent breakdown and keep your car running the best it can! When your vehicle is due for scheduled auto maintenance in Clawson, MI, head to Multistate Transmissions. The auto maintenance experts at our full service shop can assist with any care necessary to keep your car running its very best. Give us a call at (248) 712-1215 to learn more or to schedule expert auto maintenance in Clawson.

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