4 Common Signs that You Need Transmission Repair

4 Common Signs that You Need Transmission RepairWhen it comes to transmission issues, the key is recognizing the symptoms of a problem when they first arise so that you don't end up spending significantly more on repairs than should've been necessary. And as soon as it's clear that something is awry, you'll want to get to a reputable mechanic who specialized in transmission repairs. Here's a look at four common signs of a transmission problem.


It's a good idea to periodically look over the ground of the driveway or garage where you usually park to check for signs of leaking fluid. You want to be watching for oil leaks, but there are other fluids to look for as well. If there is an accumulation of reddish or brownish fluid below where you often park, this could be transmission fluid. You'll then want to check your fluid level to see if there is more evidence of a leak. However, if you decide to do the refilling yourself, keep in mind that overfilling can cause its own problems.

Burning Smell

If a burning smell is wafting out from your vehicle, there are a number of different issues to take into consideration. One of the possibilities is that you're burning transmission fluid, which would mean that the fluid is running too hot, making it hard for it to do its job, and in turn causing significant stress to your car. Again, a way to help figure out if this is the case is by checking your fluid level.


If you're sitting in traffic and then you car stalls out, this could mean a variety of things. One possibility is that your transmission lines are faulty, which you'll want to take care of immediately-- before the problem gets worse.

Slipping Out of Gear

If you're just cruising along and then out of nowhere you suddenly pop out of gear, this is a classic sign of a significant transmission issue. If you're experiencing gear slippage, you'll want to get to the shop right away because at this point you've essentially lost the ability to maintain control over your vehicle.

If you're in need of transmission repair, be sure to get in touch with a reputable auto shop. For transmission repair in Clawson, MI, the experts to contact are at Multistate Transmissions at (248) 712-1215. Go ahead and give Multistate Transmissions a call today for all of your vehicle's repair and maintenance needs!

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