Popular Performance Upgrades for a Manual Transmissions

Popular Performance Upgrades for a Manual TransmissionsManual transmissions are very complicated pieces of machinery that have many intricate parts. But numerous parts on a transmission can be replaced by performance parts in order to have a car be faster and shift easier. Performance manual transmission parts can be fitted for many makes and models and there are many bolt on applications for stock transmission that allow them to increase the torque they create. These are some of the most popular parts of a manual transmission that can be upgraded for better performance.

Performance Clutch

A performance clutch is machined so that the surface is extremely smooth to prevent any slip between gears and reduce the friction created when gears are shifted.

Performance Flywheel

The flywheel that comes stock in a manual transmission is not designed for high speeds or racing. A performance flywheel is extremely light allowing the engine revs to rise and fall quickly without the vehicle losing momentum.

Performance Transmissions

Of course, in order to get your transmission to shift fast and get your car to accelerate as quickly as possible you will want to purchase a complete performance transmission. Performance transmission may use hydraulic gear shifting and computers to detect information about vehicle speed and RPMs to help the driver know the perfect time to shift in order to receive the most effective shift.

If you're looking to build a car with a performance transmission be sure to have the work completed by expert transmission technicians. For high quality transmission service in Clawson head to Multistate Transmissions. We will take care of your car, truck or SUV, ensuring that it receives the finest parts possible. For all types of transmission repair in Clawson, you can trust Multistate Transmissions. Give us a call at (248) 712-1215 to schedule an appointment!

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