My car has a fluid leak, but what is it?

My car has a fluid leak, but what is it?All cars and trucks utilize a number of specialized fluids that flow within certain systems to ensure proper operation. It is important for these fluids to be filled to a certain volume to ensure that the vehicle does not suffer some sort of breakdown due to low levels. If you ever notice a drip coming from your vehicle it is important that you visit a local auto repair shop as soon as possible. The following are six of the most common automotive fluid leaks.

Coolant Leak

Coolant, also known as antifreeze, is the liquid that flows inside your cooling system. It is usually bright green in color and has a very sweet smell. Low coolant levels can result in overheating issues that can cause major engine trouble. Coolant is also incredibly poisonous to animals, so be sure to properly clean up any spills.

Transmission Fluid Leak

A reddish liquid that is dripping toward the front of your vehicle is most likely transmission fluid. A transmission fluid leak will often be accompanied by grinding noises that occur while shifting, delayed shifting or erratic shifting. Keeping up with routine transmission maintenance will often prevent transmission fluid leaks.

Differential Leak

The differential is what supplies the power from the engine to the wheels. It is a sophisticated gear mechanism that requires oil for lubrication that looks similar to transmission fluid. The best way to tell the difference between a transmission fluid leak and a differential fluid leak is where it is coming from. A leak near the rear of the car is most likely differential fluid.

Power Steering Leak

Does your steering wheel seem hard to turn or is there a whining and clicking noise that occurs while cornering? This could be a sign of low levels of power steering fluid. Check under your car to see if you notice any wet spots, as this will help prove the hypothesis.

Brake Fluid Leak

If you ever encounter a soft or spongy brake pedal it is important that you don't drive your vehicle and you have it towed to an auto shop immediately. This issue is often caused by a brake fluid leak. This fluid is often brownish-clear and slimy feeling and will leak from wheel cylinders or the brake master cylinder.

Engine Oil Leak

The most common leak is an oil leak. Oil is essential for keeping the motor properly lubricated. Some oil leaks require immediate repair while others need to be monitored for activity. Oil leaks will appear as black or dark brown spots on your driveway.

If you ever notice something leaking from your car be sure to visit a shop for proper diagnostics and repairs as soon as possible. For expert auto repair in Clawson or the surrounding area head to Multistate Transmissions. Our full service auto repair team will ensure your car is running great when it leaves our shop. Give us a call at (248) 712-1215 to request more information or to schedule expert auto repair in Clawson today.

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