7 Types of Winter Maintenance for Safer Driving

7 Types of Winter Maintenance for Safer DrivingWinter is fast approaching and you'll want to make sure that your vehicle is ready to keep you as safe as it can during months of inclement weather. Here's a look at seven winter auto maintenance tasks.

Check Battery & Charging System

Freezing weather can be hard on a battery. Before the thermometer bottoms out, you'll want to have your car battery checked to make sure it isn't likely to leave you stalled out in the cold.

Check Wiper Fluid/Blades

If you regularly drive your vehicle, it'll be best to replace your wiper blades twice per year. For the wintertime, many drivers prefer heavy-duty blades. And for optimal visibility through your windshield, you'll want to drive with a sufficient amount of freeze-resistant wiper fluid.

Brake Inspection

With slick roads and reduced visibility, winter driving makes it especially important that your brakes are functioning flawlessly. As part of a brake inspection, all aspects of your braking system will be examined so the mechanic can verify that you'll be able to come to a stop as safely as possible.

Check Tire Tread & Pressure

Slippery streets make it crucial that your tires have ample tread and that bald spots haven't formed on them.

Add New Antifreeze as Necessary

For a healthy engine temperature, you'll want to consistently drive with the right amount of clean antifreeze.

Check Exhaust System

Because your windows are always going to be rolled up, it's especially important during the wintertime that your car hasn't developed an exhaust leak.

Check Heater/Defroster

A properly functioning heating system will provide you with maximum visibility through your windshield, while also keeping your body safely warm during stretches of freezing temperatures.

If you need auto maintenance, be sure to bring your vehicle to a reputable mechanic. For winter auto maintenance in Clawson, Southfield, Royal Oak, and Birmingham, MI, contact the experts at Multistate Transmissions at (248) 712-1215. Multistate Transmissions also offers expert transmission rebuilds in Clawson, MI. Feel free to give Multistate Transmissions a call today to schedule an appointment for your vehicle's repair or maintenance needs!

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Posted: December 2, 2020

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