3 Signs of Power Steering Failure

3 Signs of Power Steering FailureModern vehicles are incredible feats of engineering. Today's car manufacturers combine enhanced building materials with the most advanced technology to create smooth running, safe, fun and reliable cars and trucks. One of the systems that has helped create a safer, easier to control vehicle was hydraulic power steering. introduced by Chrysler in 1951. Since then the system has continually developed, which has helped improve the driving experience tenfold. In many new cars electric power steering systems are used, opposed to hydraulics. While advancement has been amazing, there are still some possible trouble. If you notice any of the following issues related to power steering trouble be sure to get in touch with your local auto shop in order to have the problem resolved.

Whining noises while turning

If the power steering pump is on its way out or if it is leaking fluid there is a good chance you will begin to hear loud whining or creaking noises during cornering. It is important to always provide your vehicle with routine maintenance that includes checking the power steering fluid reservoir to ensure there is sufficient fluid. If you do experience this noise try topping off the fluid. If this doesn't resolve the issue there is a good chance the pump will need to be replaced, if that is in fact the problem you're having.

Hard to turn wheel

An obvious sign of power steering failure is a steering wheel that is difficult to turn. This will be most noticeable during slow cornering, as increased speed can make it easier to turn your vehicle. This problem can be caused a failed power steering pump or broken couplings, along with several other possible issues.

Steering wheel vibrates

One of the most common issues you may experience in a belt driven power steering system is a strange vibration that occurs in the steering wheel. This will happen if the belt that is attached to the power steering pump is beginning to fail, either due to becoming loose or if it is experiencing cracking. Sometimes the vibration will only occur at a certain point in the rotation of the steering wheel. If you believe the power steering belt is giving you trouble turn your vehicle on and with the car in park or neutral turn the wheel all the way left and then all the way right and see if you can find a point where the wheel begins to vibrate. If the wheel does begin to shake you are certainly experiencing an indication of wear and tear on the belt.

The most modern cars are equipped with electric power steering, which is much more efficient because it does not use power from the motor to drive the system. However these motors could potentially fail, and you might experience similar issues. If you believe that you need power steering repair in Clawson, MI, head to Multistate Transmissions. We service all makes and models at our full service auto repair shop. Give us a call at (248) 712-1215 to request an appointment for expert auto repair in Clawson today.

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