Identifying Alternator Trouble

Identifying Alternator TroubleIt's your alternator that charges up your battery. If your alternator fails, then your battery's power reserve is liable to run dry, which could leave you stranded. At the first indication of an alternator problem, you'll want to take the necessary steps to address it. Here's a look at seven common signs of alternator trouble.

Dashboard Indication

It's often the case that an illuminated dashboard warning light is the first sign of an alternator issue. This light commonly reads ALT or GEN, though it may instead be in the shape of a little battery.

Dead Battery

Car batteries should typically last for three to five years. If yours dies sooner than this, then your alternator may be malfunctioning---unless you left your headlights on!

Issues with Headlights

Your alternator supplies the juice to your headlights. If it isn't working properly, then your headlights could start to dim or flicker. This creates a serious safety issue, particularly if you have to drive on roads that don't have street lamps.

Belt Problems

You may have spotted the source of your alternator trouble if you see that a belt is too tight, too loose, or cracked.

Malfunctioning Electrical Accessories

A faulty alternator can cause the erratic function of electrical accessories such as the radio, power seats, power windows, and power locks.

Stalling Out

A healthy alternator plays an important role in ensuring that your pistons continue to pump dependably. Alternator failure could cause your vehicle to stall out, leaving you in a precarious situation.

Burning Odor

A number of different automotive issues can lead to a burning smell, with one possible culprit being a slipping alternator belt.

If you need auto repair, be sure to bring your vehicle to a reputable mechanic. For alternator replacement & electrical system repair in Clawson, Royal Oak, and Birmingham, MI, contact the experts at Multistate Transmissions at (248) 712-1215. Multistate Transmissions also offers expert transmission rebuilds in Clawson, MI. Feel free to give Multistate Transmissions a call today to schedule an appointment for your vehicle's repair or maintenance needs!

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Posted: November 2, 2020

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