5 signs your car needs transmission service

Your vehicle is made up a number of systems that work together to provide a safe, reliable and comfortable ride. The transmission has an incredibly important job that can affect your vehicle's ability to move at all. It is tasked with transferring the power created by the engine to the wheels via the driveshaft. With routine transmission maintenance you likely won't run into any trouble, however if you do experience any of these signs of transmission failure don't hesitate to make an appointment with a transmission specialist.

Grinding noise while shifting

One of the more common signs of transmission trouble is a grinding or whining noise that occurs while shifting gears. This can happen in both automatic and manual transmission vehicles. It is often a sign that there is improper lubrication occurring in within the transmission, which may be attributed to low fluid levels.

Slipping gears

If your vehicle tends to fall into neutral (manual transmission) or shifts erratically (automatic transmission) you will want to visit the transmission shop as soon as possible. This is a dangerous problem as it prevents you from being able to properly control your car.

Delayed shifting

In an automatic transmission you may experience delayed shifting if the car is low on transmission fluid. This issue is characterized by high engine revving while the vehicle shifts from park to drive or in between gears.

Burning smell when shifting

Do you remember learning how to drive a standard transmission? More than likely there was a burning smell that came about as you figured out how to accelerate in first gear. That smell was associated with riding the clutch. If that smell happens now that you're a pro stick shift driver it may mean that it's time for a new clutch.

Transmission fluid leak

An obvious sign of transmission trouble is if you spot a transmission fluid leak. Transmission fluid is a reddish color and will collect near the forward part of your car or truck. If you ever find any liquid leaking from your car don't hesitate to get to the auto repair shop.

At the first sign of transmission trouble head to Multistate Transmissions for expert transmission repair in Clawson! Our professional technicians will quickly diagnose and repair any transmission issue! We also offer full service auto repair for most makes and models. Call Multistate Transmissions at (248) 712-1215 to make an appointment for quality auto repair in Clawson and the surrounding communities.

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