What are common issues that trigger the check engine light?

When the check engine light illuminates, it doesn't necessarily indicate that your engine is on the cusp of failure. But you'll still want to soon get to the shop for diagnostics so that any developing issues can be addressed before they worsen and become more costly to fix. At Multistate Transmissions, our local mechanics use computerized diagnostics to accurately identify the problem. Then we'll work efficiently to repair the issue so you can get your vehicle back as soon as possible.

Common Reasons the Check Engine Light Comes On

A faulty catalytic converter is often the reason the check engine light turns on. Common symptoms of catalytic converter trouble include decreasing fuel-efficiency, worsening acceleration, and a stench like rotten eggs. It's important to drive with a healthy catalytic converter so that your car doesn't excessively pollute. A malfunctioning O2 sensor could cause the light to come on, and may also cause catalytic converter problems. The mass airflow sensor is another sensor that could cause the check engine light to illuminate. Signs of a failing MAF sensor include decreasing acceleration and stalling soon after firing up your engine.

A failing battery can also trigger the check engine light if it is causing low voltage at the computer. Bad spark plugs are another problem that can cause the light to come on. Vehicles made in the past two decades can often go 100,000 miles before they need new spark plugs, while older automobiles commonly need plug replacement more regularly. Faulty ignition coils could also be to blame for an illuminated check engine light. Symptoms of ignition coil trouble include worsening gas mileage, stalling, and failure to start. And though it might sound bizarre, a loose or missing gas cap could cause the light to turn on. After you fill up, it's important that your gas cap is returned to a secure position so that you don't risk fuel evaporating before you get the chance to use it.

Check Engine Light Repair in Clawson, MI

When you need check engine light diagnostics and repair, contact Multistate Transmissions at (248) 712-1215. Feel free to give us a call today to schedule an appointment for your repair or maintenance needs!

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Posted: July 31, 2021

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