What Does Colored Exhaust Smoke Mean?

What Does Colored Exhaust Smoke Mean?Your vehicle does a pretty good job of letting you know when it is suffering from some sort of problem. While many issues may trigger a dashboard indicator light, such as the check engine light, others will result in fluid leaks, noticeable performance issues or create odd noises that are impossible to ignore. Yet, engine issues can offer a different symptom of trouble that should lead you to schedule diagnostics at the local auto shop: an increase in exhaust smoke.

If you notice excessive smoke coming out of your car's tailpipe it is critical that you get the shop right away, as this problem generally represents internal engine trouble. If the issue is left unchecked it could cause more drastic trauma under the hood, which may lead to a need for an engine rebuild or replacement. In many circumstances the issue under the hood can be determined by the color of the emissions, which are usually white, black or blue. Here's what the different colored exhaust smoke could mean is happening inside your car's engine.

White Exhaust Smoke

If your vehicle is emitting puffs of white smoke as you cruise down the road there's a strong possibility that coolant is being burnt up inside the combustion chamber. Coolant is what helps keep your car's engine temperature regulated, so if it's being cooked it puts your car at greater risk of overheating. The problem here, however, is how the coolant is getting into the combustion chamber. This may be due to a failed gasket or a bigger issue. Diagnostics will be needed to determine the exact cause.

Black Exhaust Smoke

Thick, black smoke is a clear indication that your vehicle is running rich. This means that too much gasoline is being used by the vehicle. Not only does this greatly decrease your vehicle's fuel efficiency, but it can cause the motor to run hot and lead to a number of other issues. Be sure to let a professional technician service your vehicle ASAP to prevent further trouble under the hood.

Blue Exhaust Smoke

When you burn engine oil it creates blue smoke. If oil is leaking into the combustion chamber then your car's motor runs the risk of being improperly lubricated, resulting in excessive wear and tear of the engine's moving parts. To reduce the chances of complete engine failure head to the auto shop right away.

When you spot signs of car trouble it is imperative that you let a qualified auto repair technician conduct diagnostics and repairs, or else the problem will get worse. If you've noticed an increase in exhaust smoke and believe it may be time for engine repair in Clawson reach out to Multistate Transmissions. Our team will have you back on the road in no time. To schedule an appointment for superior auto repair in Clawson, MI, give us a call at (248) 712-1215 today.

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