Are Regular Oil Changes Necessary for My Car?

Are Regular Oil Changes Necessary for My Car?Automotive technology is advancing at an astonishing rate. In the last century, even the past few decades, there has been amazing advances in the industry. However, one thing that hasn't been accomplished is producing a vehicle that doesn't need oil changes. Regularly changing your oil is an integral part of vehicle health. Here are the main reasons vehicles need oil changes at suggested mileage intervals.

Regulate Engine Temperature

Motor oil is engineered to help absorb heat from the engine, thus helping to regulate the engine temperature as a whole. While the cooling system will generally be able to handle this duty on its own, as old oil breaks down it loses its ability to help with this and actually can start reflecting heat, causing increased engine temperatures and rising the chances of overheating.

Remove Grime

When oil circulates through the engine it picks up dirt and grime that has made its way into the internal parts of the engine. This grime causes the engine to have to work harder, thus decreasing your fuel efficiency. An oil change essential cleans out the inside of your vehicle's engine.

Change the Oil Filter

As the oil collects that grime it usually ends up caught in the oil filter. If the filter becomes too clogged with dirt it won't allow for sufficient oil circulation, putting your engine at risk for metal on metal contact. The oil filter is changed every time the oil is drained to ensure there is proper oil flow.

Proper Lubrication

Of course the most important reason to regularly change your oil is to ensure your engine is properly lubricated. Metal on metal contact can cause devastating problems that may result in catastrophic engine failure resulting in a need for major auto repair.

To avoid a need for unnecessary engine repairs be sure to regularly change your engine oil at your vehicle's suggested mileage interval for your car, truck or SUV. Any time you need an oil change in Clawson head to Multistate Transmissions. We service all makes and models at our full service auto maintenance and repair shop. To learn more about our services or to request an appointment for quality auto maintenance in Clawson give our friendly crew a call at (248) 712-1215 today.

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