Why are there Computers in Cars?

Why are there Computers in Cars?Modern vehicle utilize upwards of 50 microprocessor computers to keep your vehicle running well, safe and of course make it fun to drive and ride in. The massive use of computers assist drivers in tasks that range from saving fuel, to assisted braking, to helping with navigation. All of this new technology has made it difficult for do it yourself mechanics to tackle trouble under the hood, but it has helped in so many other ways and saved many lives when it come to accidents. So what do all these computers in your vehicle really do? You can break down their purposes into a few simple categories.

Advanced Diagnostics

One of the biggest benefits of the use of the numerous sensors and microprocessors in your vehicle it that it is now very easy to identify the root of problems that your vehicle is having. Sensors are used to monitor and detect many different systems, including the fuel/air mixture, spark and much more. When one of these sensors identifies a problem it often causes a dashboard indicator light, such as the check engine light, to become illuminated. This is your queue to head to the auto shop so a technician can hook your car up to the computer aided diagnostic machine to find out what the issue is and get it fixed.


Computers are used in vehicles in numerous entertainment and information systems, such as GPS, video games, TVs, Internet radio and bluetooth compatibility. These computers are great for keeping the kids occupied as well as ensuring a safe ride by creating a hands free environment when using your phone or music player. Today's vehicles offer much more than just a ride, for many people they are a source of entertainment as well.

Safety First

The use of computers in vehicles has resulted in much safer transportation. The airbags, rear-view cameras, assisted braking and more are all activated by computer sensors that detect problems in a the smallest fraction of a second. This is why airbags can be deployed faster than the actual event of the collision.

Emission Controls

Another great benefit of the use of computers is that they can help reduce pollution. Auto manufacturers are utilizing computers to get people farther down the road with fewer fumes, saving drivers time and money, all while helping the environment. The computers ensure that regulations for emissions and fuel efficiency standards are properly met.

Computers play an important role in many vehicle operations. Modern auto repair shops are able to read issues that these sensors are having or detecting, making repairs quick and easy! For computer diagnostics in Clawson or the neighboring communities be sure to visit Multistate Transmissions. Our expert auto repair technicians utilize the latest computer aided diagnostic and repair technology to ensure that vehicles are properly repaired the first time. To schedule superior auto repair in Clawson give us a call at (248) 712-1215.

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