Why is it Important to Perform Suspension Repair?

Why is it Important to Perform Suspension Repair?Your vehicle is a highly engineered machine that is designed to get you from point A to point B in a safe manner. While your car may drive like a cloud straight off the assembly line it does require the occasional maintenance and repair in order to remain safe and reliable. This is true for the engine, transmission, cooling system and even the suspension. Many people understand that the suspension system is designed to keep the ride comfortable by absorbing all the bumps in the road, but many people don't know it has a much more important function. The suspension is designed to keep all of the tires on the ground at all times, ensuring full braking ability at all times. It is also designed to prevent the car from rolling over during cornering. For these reasons it is very important to repair your suspension if you run into any of these signs of suspension failure.

Rollover sensations

As mentioned, the suspension is designed to keep the car upright during cornering. The anti sway bar, a part of the suspension system, shifts the vehicle's center of gravity in order to prevent rollovers, spin outs or any other loss of control. If you begin to experience a rollover sensation as you corner you'll want to head to the repair shop right away to have the malfunctioning anti-sway bar fixed before it leads to an actual accident.

One corner of the car is lower than the others

If you notice that one corner of your car seems lower than the others you may assume you have a flat tire. If under closer inspection all of the tires appear properly inflated the next logical answer is that the suspension components of that corner have failed. This issue can lead to drifting and increased tire wear, so be sure to have it repaired ASAP.

Oil on the struts

It is a good idea to perform routine self checks on your vehicle to ensure everything is in proper working order. One of the things to check is for oil on your struts. Struts use oil to help absorb the bumps and cracks of the road, and if it begins to leak from a broken seal or other crack you will soon find your ride to be very stiff.

Bounce testing

At the first sign of suspension failure you can perform a quick test to see if the suspension is in fact the problem. Simply push up and down on the trunk or hood of your vehicle several times to get it to start jumping up and down. Once you stop pushing the vehicle should return to its normal ride height within 3 to 4 bounces. Any more than that and you can place a good bet on failed suspension.

Whether you realize it or not your car relies on healthy suspension for a safe ride. If you have experienced any of these issues and you believe that you need suspension repair in Clawson or the neighboring communities be sure to visit Multistate Transmissions. Our full service auto repair shop is staffed by expert techs who can solve any issue your vehicle is suffering from. To request quality auto repair in Clawson call our team at (248) 712-1215 today.

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